Ambe releases “Amour Et Argent” featuring Mani Bella

Ambe releases "Amour Et Argent" featuring Mani Bella
Ambe drops “Amour et Argent” ft Mani Bella and it’s indeed a song for this festive season.

We had to play it back to back for a while before writing this post just to make sure we got something to say. It was one of those moments where the music was so good that everyone was blown away.


And here goes our 2 cents:

“Amour et Argent” is an upbeat tempo meaning it’s hot. The beat is a fusion of Bikitsi rhythm and Afrobeat with a little folk-vibe seasoning on top, all happening to some melancholic major chords woven into a jigsaw puzzle of sweet melodies.

For those who are music-inclined, major chords hear mean happiness, the kind of vibe we all need during this festive season.

This song would give any patriotic Cameroonian a sense of pride and goosebumps because it got that Kamer vibe. There is a catchy Chant in it that screams football vibes and we are very positive it’s gonna be the part everyone remembers. It is catchy and indeed a juicy bit.

The electric guitar solo on this song is so Godlike and I’m very sure
the solo guitarist got high on something before playing on this record. His signature is all over the song. A wild production overall, coming from the wild-ass producer Mccoy Twap.

Permit me to digress a little: Mani Bella and Ambe are like Cola and Alligator pepper. A medicinal combo that’s commonly used in Cameroon and Africa. The two ingredients though from different worlds works wonders when combined. Hence making “AMOUR ET ARGENT” a well-balanced collabo song.

The give and take between them felt like a melody romance or a love session between melodies only fit for kings and Queens. Of course, Mani Bella being her usual self brought enough of her craziness to the party.

For a moment it would seem like Ambe is being schooled in this musical genre but their give-and-take arrangement dynamic is what brings an unpredictability sense to the song.

If you need the right song to use and chop money, this should make the top of your list.
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  1. Nsay ki la
    Nsay ki la says:

    hahahahah. Wow! this is a very interesting take on the song. And yes, there’s something quite Cameroonian (positively) about the song AMOUR ET ARJENT by Ambe and M. Bella. A great vibe.


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