Atalakou by Shura is indeed a sweet song, produced by Egbe

Shura's Atalakou - Official Artwork
Atalakou by Shura.
Release year: 5yrs ago
Current youtube views: 59k Views
Music Producer: Egbe
Video Director: Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

Shura in Atalakou expresses her frustration with the fact that the prince charming she is madly in love with is indeed a playboy…
Men are fond of making promises they can’t keep, and Shura nicely represents this as the music minutes unfold.

Aside from the fact that this is an excellent production, One of the things we enjoy about this song is the artist’s pen game. Shura uses her Bbafut dialect in such a beautiful way to complement the English parts of this song.

Using the Bafut language in music is always challenging and she manages to pull this off with ease! Her signature soulful voice is woven neatly into this afrobeat track to bring you something different and unique.
Enjoy this vintage piece as we celebrate Shura as one of Cameroon’s pride.

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