Djomessi Sonia Gradually EP: A Fresh and Exciting Afrobeat Experience

Djoumessi Sonia's Gradually Ep

Musical artist Djoumessi Sonia releases her first EP on 27 November 2022. It is titled “Gradually Ep” and is already available on streaming platforms.

it is unlikely that a newbie gets to release an Ep as their debut. Most would go for singles because it’s lightweight and easy to do a follow-up on. But then came Djoumessi Sonia, willing to take a big risk by dipping her whole body into the ocean instead of her feet at the shore.

Most upcoming music artists fail to realize that body of work is crucial to the sustainability of their careers. By the look of things, Djoumessi Sonia understands this very well.

Djoumessi Sonia's Gradually Ep

Gradually” is a four-track EP in the Afrobeat genre. 

The title itself tells Djoumessi’s story. She has had tough times trying to nurse her music talent while pursuing her study career among other things. 

Gradually, her work and training in music are yielding fruit. Gradually, she is finding her way, and gradually, life is taking shape and that is what the EP is about… 

 Marc Eff of Kovapot produced, mixed, and mastered all songs on this Ep, and everything he torches sounds golden. The songs are hot, and many people will easily relate to so much of the content.

Djoumessi Sonia is a nobody in the professional music world! But judging by her bold move and ability to take a risk, she is destined to be a big name in the coming future. But only time can tell us so we keep our fingers crossed.

But here is a question for you reading this post:

If renowned names in the Cameroon entertainment Meilleur like Nchifor Valery and Anurin Nwunembom have appreciated Djoumessi Sonia and her “Gradually Ep”, don’t you think you should give her a chance? We are very confident you will like this Ep!

Go to her Youtube channel, listen, comment what you think and hit the subscribe subscribe for more music content from Djoumessi Sonia.

She responds to all comments and shall take any criticism you give seriously. Just make sure they are constructive.

Go put on your dancing shoesm click the link and lets go…

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