Meshi AG releases her gospel debut “Nothing Else”

Meshi Ag - Nothing else

Meshi AG drops “Nothing else” a beautiful piano laid-back piece that will certainly torch your soul. This is Meshi AG’s first official gospel song off the EP “TRANSFORMED”

A few seconds into listening, we hear her prophesying the fact that she finally found God and wants only him and nothing else.
Her present self seems to have had an encounter with ELOHIM such that she had to ditch her old life and type of music for a life with God.

A life in Christ! We are so proud of her and can’t wait to see how she maneuvers herself through this newfound lane.

Meshi AG was so underrated during her secular music era. Maybe her calling was Gospel music after all! Only time can tell.
Let’s stay tuned to Meshi for her “Transformed” Ep as we Nourish our Souls with “Nothing Else”

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