Nsay ki la’s Together Ep got some hit songs to add to your playlist!

Nsay ki la’s Together Ep

Nsay ki la’s Together Ep is officially out for public consumption and

it’s clear he is not a One time hit wonder. Kileemi was a sure hit in our books regardless of what the world may think! 

But then came “Together EP” with two tracks that immediately got our attention: Celebrate and Mkwee

December is a time for togetherness. It is a period during which many festivities happen. Since we can’t feast without good music, here is why we think these Celebrate and Mkwee should make it into your festive playlist.

South Africans got us addicted to Amapiano and this particular genre of music is everywhere, just like oxygen. It is a must-play in every event and the reason for such frequency is reasonable! The groove and rhythm are infectious and producers are constantly experimenting with this vibe.

After the first play of Celebrate and Mkwee ( which we got before it was released) at our HQ, our reaction was obvious! We got to our feet ( real talk).

Our ears were immediately hijacked by the percussive melodies provided by the log drums used as the main driving force in these two songs. It was a non-verbal communication between our every move and the groovy rhythm provided by the log drum.

Mkwee - Nsay ki la's Together EP - Artwork


The Ovo-ish pulsating Low-end atmosphere in Mkwee, the natural ensemble vocals provided by Nsay ki la to compliment his lead vocals, and the light background chants happening at strategic intervals: All these make Mkwee very appealing and soothing to the ears.

An amapiano fusion into afrobeat, a very delicate and sophisticated combo indeed. Celebrate pushes this further by bringing in some Zanku flavor into the drums. 


Celebrate - Nsay ki la's Together Ep Artwork


While Mkwee got a warmish feeling, Celebrate delivers a cool one. Its rhythm stays hot enough to keep you on your toes. The reverb keys that play in the background as Nsay ki la brings in the Chorus Ensemble vocals take things to a whole new level.

Producers these days would want to put a log drum rhythm on every genre of music and I can’t blame them. When used right it brings a sense of authority and fatness to a song. 

While beatmakers flex on their work, so is Nsay ki la with his lyrics on Celebrate

It’s clear Nsay ki la is the versatile old-school type, judging by the way he rocks these two songs lyrically and melancholically (lol) using the English language, Lamso, and the Limbum dialect. He makes the Lamso dialect sound like Spanish. So delicate and sweet. We don’t understand it but can’t help ourselves from the infectious yet soothing feeling the language invokes. 

Producers of Celebrate and Mkwee:

Behind every “track that boom” is a producer who spent sleepless nights just to make sure the music makes us feel the way we should when we hear it. Kudos to Marc Eff of Kovapot and Produced by Lu for a wonderful job done. 

A little bit about Nsay ki la’s Together Ep:

Together Ep isn’t your regular Ep considering it was built for a special occasion: The celebration of the ruby jubilee of the diocese of Kumbo. More on this is said on Nsay ki la’s website

It is an ep conceived with everyone in mind. So if Celebrate and Nkwee are too hot for you and you desire something soft, Nsay ki la got you covered. 

Everyone loves bass and Celebrate and Nkwee will rattle your bass speakers! So what are you waiting for? 

Download Celebrate and Nkwee by Nsay ki la on nsay digital now

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  1. Nsay ki la
    Nsay ki la says:

    This is such a heart-warming review of these two songs. And, yes, these songs have the kind of vibe I hoped to give. The producers totally delivered. It is songs I hope will stand the taste of time, and which people will fall back to, time and again. Thank you so much for picking out this work, and for these gracious comments and review.


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