Organize a concert: Important things to do first

Organize a concert - Track booms Africa
Organize a concert - Track booms Africa

It is no easy work to organize a concert these days. Musicians are advised to do concerts often to enable their careers last longer.

Also, they need to plan for this important event, just like they would for any other significant event in their career.

When planning an event, remember that a poor organization will only damage the artist’s reputation. The steps listed below can be taken to ensure that a significant event, in this example a concert, goes without a pitfall.

To organize a concert, you must first:

Set objectives:

Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for a concert. You need to know what you hope this concert will achieve.

If you’re not sure about what you want your music event to achieve, it won’t be as memorable.

Live music performances are often motivated by a concept or theme. This concept affects not only the type of music played but also the venue, location, style of event decor, and merchandising.

Consider your audience when planning a theme and presentation for your event. Make sure that the idea you’ve come up with is as exciting and engaging as you want it to be by speaking with a few people in your target audience if possible.

Establish a budget.

It’s tempting to estimate your budget by assuming a certain number of attendees, multiplying that number by the anticipated ticket price and summing the results. But that approach will nearly always be wrong.

Having a detailed budget plan is important before you set out on this venture. This will ensure you have enough money to cover costs and account for emergencies.


Here is a simple move to help you minimize unforeseen:

Ten to thirty percent of your total budget funds should be set aside for emergencies and unforeseen expenses. This way, you can be sure that you will have enough money to handle any situation that may arise.

Find the necessary talents.

The musical talent you invite to your event will be one of the key elements in creating the right ambiance for the occasion. Be sure to factor in the cost of hiring talents in your budget.

Find the right talents to help you achieve your event’s objectives. Make sure that their audience significantly overlaps with your target audience for the event. 

For example, you wouldn’t want a teenage band to perform at your event if most of the attendees are seniors.

Also, when hiring talent from outside your area, be sure to account for the cost of their travel. If you don’t, you could end up breaking your budget. Choosing to hire local talent might enable you to keep cost down

Choose a venue.

It’s easy to find a good location to host live music performances these days! If you plan to use an indoor location, confirm that it has a stage and seating arrangement that are appropriate for the style of music you have selected. It should also have expertise in hosting live music.

Outdoor locations can be a terrific option for ideas like barbeques and picnics despite having greater production expenses and more weather-related unknowns. 

If you decide to hold your event outdoors, be sure to prepare for some weather unforeseen. Have a backup plan for dealing with rain and other environmental factors.

Also, note that the crown can heavily impact the energy of a show.

A big room can be a drag on the energy of a show. If you book a huge space and don’t fill it, you’ll have an empty room missing the audience interaction that makes for a fun event. On the flip side, if you book too small a space and it sells out too fast, you might wonder if you lost out on some opportunities to sell tickets and make money from your show.

It’s a good idea to choose a smaller venue that you are confident you can fill because the crowd’s energy will be affected.

It is also advisable to book your venue early since once you have decided on a date for your event, the rest of the elements will start to fall into place.

Find, request, and reserve venues all across the world by doing some exploring.

Get licenses and insurance.

Make sure to check with the venue and local authorities as you plan your event. You will need to get permission for any liquor, food, music, or other entertainment that you want to bring with you.

Another smart decision is to get event insurance. You’ll be protected from several common incidents, and your venue may need it.

Choose the necessary equipment.

Ask your musical team (musicians and crew members) for a list of instruments you’ll need for the performance, and ask the venue if it has any of these instruments available. A stage, speakers, microphones, a sound system, lighting, and other audio/visual gear may be included.

Ask your musical team what gear they will bring themselves and what you are in charge of bringing.

Consider the acoustics of your venue, if the musical performance will require any amplification, and the best possible seating arrangements. 

Make sure you have a plan in place to protect the equipment from the elements if your venue is outside. It might need electricity, so make sure you ask about that.

Decide on a time and date.

Depending on the nature of your event and your target audience, it might make more sense to hold it at night. For example, some themes and performances are more effective when held at night to enable you use backdrops and lighting to create the right atmosphere. Other ideas and settings, especially those outdoors, will be more manageable logistically throughout the day.

When choosing a day and time for your concert, don’t forget to consider the schedules of your audience. They’ll also prefer certain periods as well. Consider things like school or work days, public holidays as the also impact the availability of your audience.

Construct a homely atmosphere.

Set up a backstage area to make your invited talent, personal crew, and performance crew feel comfortable. Any semi-private or private space within your venue will do, but it must be easily accessible to the stage and have restrooms.

Have enough security, medical support, and event helpers to accommodate the size of your audience and location. Give your audience a good time.

Once you got all these aspects considered, then its time to move to the next phase:

Begin selling tickets.

You’ll need to sell tickets if you want to profit from a concert.. The concert’s time and date should be prominently displayed on your ticket, along with information regarding the location of the seats and a clear return/refund policy.  

To provide printed or digital tickets for your event, you can collaborate with a ticketing provider. Some ticketing platforms let you use your branding on the tickets, accept several payment options, and have different price categories. 

Some even provide a means to ingrate your ticket sales with your social media profiles.

 Enough awareness of the event will ease ticket sales so take full advantage of the free promotional outlets available.

Publicize the concert.

Similar to any other event, the success of your concert will be positively linked with how well it is promoted. You’ll need a marketing plan that takes into account the theme of your event, your target market, and the musical talent you’ve gathered. 

If your crew members have a good relationship with certain advertising platforms, be sure to concentrate more on them and work with them to spread the word. By offering social media, email, and print assets that they can share, you can get everyone on the same page about the idea and objectives of the event.

Remember to take good pictures and videos before, during, and after your event. These will be great marketing materials if you’re thinking about repeating the event or making it a series.

That will be all for today.

Bonus tip: As a music artist, Releasing more music this 2023 would help you build a huge catalog of music quickly. This body of work would help you pull of your solo concert when its time. 

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Did we leave out anything you deem important as far as the topic of this post is concerned?

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